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I'm Nsfwblackle, a futanari artist and here i'll upload my stuff
Hope you like it



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Posted by Nsfwblackle - May 7th, 2021

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my profile, I'm Nsfwblackle, a NSFW artist who's main theme is Futanari

I'll be using this account as a gallery for all my work, in order to make it easier to see, cuz on twitter it gets quite messy with all the replies n stuff

I'm new in here so, ihope you like my work and, any suggestions are welcome!

Comments (16)

Why again a new nsfw artist? We have way to much here on nwgrounds.

@UTOPIA39mc Come on,man,give this fellow a chance.There’s not many websites that allow people to post content like this.

@MchectorII I know. But where is there art in nsfw? Its just... you know.

@UTOPIA39mc Yeah,I understand where you’re coming from as there are content that make me a little uncomfortable but this is Newgrounds after all.Like the Internet,it’s a place full of the weird and wonderful.

@MchectorII I dont wanna attack someone on nwgrounds. Its just stupid, to make this kind of art. It is a misusing talent, to draw nsfw. People can do way more than nsfw.

Well, even if it is NSFW, it's still art.

If you like it or not, it's up to you. I choose to do this as a way of "freedom" at first, cuz i always wanted to do something like this, but never had the chance (cuz you know, family issues n stuff), so once I jumped into nsfw at first, it was a relieve, like a new form of expressing myself on something i really like and was a "taboo" for me.

And then, seeming that people started liking this kind of work, It went from "freedom" to "passion". I want to improve, I want to get better, but I also want to draw dirty stuff, I LOVE dirty stuff.

And now, that I'm making commissions and working from this, it's like a dream come true for me ^^

@UTOPIA39mc Don’t worry,I know you aren’t attacking anyone as you are only sharing your opinion and I can respect that.You are right but in the end,I guess it’s still the artists’ choice on drawing what they like.

@MchectorII Your right. Sometimes they have reasons for doing this, sometimes they atacking me (when I write them a pm and ask them (not aggressive), why they do that). Some people answered, that they live from the money they get (for comm), other people are just fan from a nsfw artist. And some never answered. Its very interesting, to see the reasons, why people do that. Idk why I tell this...

@UTOPIA39mc It’s okay,man.You only want to share your thoughts but sometimes,people see it the wrong way.It happens to me too so you’re not alone.And yeah,artists have different reasons for making their work.

@MchectorII It happens to me too. Why do even discuss this in a comment from a news post?

@UTOPIA39mc I could message you but my sent box is very full,so yeah.

@MchectorII oh... do you have second account?

@UTOPIA39mc Actually,this is my second account as I forgot the password to my first one.I have Skype though.

@MchectorII Or discord. Do you have discord?

@UTOPIA39mc Yes,my number is #7849.

And your name is the same as here?

@UTOPIA39mc @Nsfwblackle Ok I understand your point.